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The story of Happy Parrot

Happy Parrot (former Gipsy Parrot) originated from Anna's maternity leave, from her own need for beautiful and practical breastfeeding clothes.

Behind Happy Parrot is Anna, a 37-year-old mother from Turku, whose family has been in Tallinn a lot since 2011 due to her husbands work.


When her first daughter was born in January 2017, Anna traveled a lot between Turku-Tallinn homes, visited the village, the city and cafés. Breastfeeding clothes could not be found suitable for just about anything, and so Anna decided to design one herself.


"I walked around Tallinn with my baby, looking for a sewing shop that would make a shirt for me."


A sewing shop was found and proto began to be made. I also had to look for a fabric, and finally I found a suitable Oeko-tex 100 certified, 100% cotton beautiful timeless checkered fabric from the Netherlands (the eco-tex certificate guarantees that the product is free of harmful pesticide, heavy metal or formaldehyde residues).


Through many bends, the first batch of Mama Bird breastfeeding shirts was completed in December 2018. This small sewing shop is in Tallinn, only five tram stops from home, and there are really lovely people, the service and the quality of work is beautiful and clean.


"I transported the first sets of fabrics in wagons walking from home to the sewing shop, it seems to have a hundred meters of fabric."


When the product development and manufacturing of the shirt took time, Anna started sewing hair bows for her own girl and selling them to friends as well. Quickly through Instagram in January 2019, customers found bows and were already in a hurry to set up an online store.


The online store opened on 16.02.2019.


"Immediately after the first month, all the work alone felt very challenging, I was also home with a two-year-old at the same time. I got overwhelmed with my sister's help, and together we immediately grew a selection of small skirts and collars."


The dream is to increase the selection to more breastfeeding and children's clothing for the future.


Happyparrot's products are made partly in Turku and partly in Tallinn, and the warehouse is currently located in Turku.


We also dream that we could employ, for example seamstresses some day.


You can always contact us: &

Kivikartiontie 1

20720 Turku 



Privacy and security

This site is managed by gipsyparrot eCommerce, which is built on the wix eCommerce template


We sell our products to adult individuals on this site. Product prices include VAT, and we reserve the right to change all of our delivery terms, products, and shipping costs.

Once you have purchased a product from the online store, it will be collected from our warehouse and you will receive an email notification when the product has been processed and ready for mail. When you purchase a product from an online store, we automatically collect some information from you, such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address, but we do not share this information with third parties.

If you want to, you can register for our mailing list, in which case you can send us information about discounts, promotions or new products, for example. You can also stop emails at any time you want.

When ordering, you agree to these delivery terms, which you should read before placing your order.

Shipping costs and products will be paid when you place your order in the online store, and the product will be shipped to you within 2-4 business days. If the product is an Order Product, then its delivery time is stated separately in the product's own info section.

Gipsyparrot treats all customer information confidentially.

If the product is lost, does not meet your expectations or has an error, etc., please contact us immediately,

Wholesaler / Wholesale inquiries

Become a dealer?


Do you have a children’s clothing store, home decor and gift shop, maternity and baby supplies store, or are you perhaps a photographer? Or would you otherwise like to resell our products in your store or even in an online store?

Contact and let's see how we can get the right products for you in your store or for a photography studio, for example.


Wholesale inquiries?


Do you have your own shop or are you maybe a photographer? Do you want to sell our products? Write us an email, and let's look for you products what suits for you.


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